Breathing Techniques

It is natural to breathe deeply and in a relaxed way during intercourse yet this is something that many men who have trouble lasting in bed fail to do.

It is importiant to begin breathing correctly from before intercourse has begun right through to climax. If you find that you are not breathing deeply and in a relaxed maner during intercourse this is something you need to change. Many men find that this has a possitve effect on their lasting time.


1. Make sure you are feeling relaxed to start with

2. Breath in slowly and stedily for at least 10 seconds

3. Hold you breath for no longer than one seconds

4. breath out slowly and stedily over at least seven seconds

5. Repeat this breathing patern during intercourse

Limitations and Side Effects

None. This is simply something that all men wanting to last longer in bed should get into the habit of doing.

The very good Beyond Delay premature ejaculation treatment guide has a whole chapter on the best way to practice your breathing when aiming to reduce premature ejaculation.