Training Programs To Last Longer In Bed For Men

Many men find that following a specifically designed training program helps them last longer and in some cases can cures their premature ejaculation problem completely.

A good training program should cover a range of methods and techniques and be set out in an easy to follow way.

The best guides to help you last longer in bed such as Beyond Delay will be research based and offer advice that you would receive from a professional sex counselor, with the advantage of being able to complete them in your own home.

Following a program is often recommended as a first step towards lasting longer. It has the advantage of having no side effects and if successful lets the man and his partner enjoy satisfying intercourse without the annoyance of having to take drugs, tablets or desensitizers. They also have the advantage of being a very cheap solution with most guides costing about $50.

A good training program should include the following areas

  • An explanation of the ejaculatory process
  • Breathing techniques
  • Methods to deal with Physiological causes
  • Methods to deal with physical causes
  • Training exercises

Of course some of the better ones cover a lot more topics as well, such as how to tune in to all your senses, how to communicate to your partner, how to set out a training timeline and motivation techniques.

Below we have listed what we believe to be the best training programs available.

Beyond Delay - By Mike Anderson

This is by far the most popular premature ejaculation training program around and for good reason. It's written by acclaimed premature ejaculation expert Mike Anderson and provides a great step-by-step guide showing men how to improve a large number of skills that boost lasting power. See our review for this great guide here.

Beyond Delay - Premature Ejaculation Guide



Last Longer Now - By Adam Davey

By Adam Davey

Adam is one of the most respected experts on preventing premature ejaculation and working with men to develop all areas of their sexual abilities.

Last Longer Now was released in Mid 2012 and has quickly been establishing it's self as the most complete and effective program to help men last longer in bed around with a number of great reviews.

Last Longer Now

The guide can be downloaded from adam's website

Beating Premature Ejaculation

By James Robinson

This is one of the most popular guides. It doesn't teach the stop and start or squeeze technique, but teaches men how to control their ejaculatory reflexes buy keeping the pelvic muscles in a relaxed and controlled state

To achieve this the program covers areas such as breathing and relaxation techniques, ejaculatory muscles control, sensory awareness, sexual conditioning, mental control and quite a bit more.

The guide is written be men's health counselor James Robinson.


Beating Premature Ejaculation


Visit the Beating Premature Ejaculation web site