How A New Premature Ejaculation Training Program Is Helping Guys Last Longer In Bed

Unfortunately there have been quite a few rubbishy books in the last few years on premature ejaculation, with internet marketer trying to make a quick buck from the unfortunate and offen desperate men who experience premature ejaculation. Well I'm glad to report that Mike Anderson's long awaited Beyond Delay guide is not one of these books. In fact, it's the best program showing men how to last longer in bed by a long shot. In fact it's not even close...

Why we like it?

The approach

What really sets Beyond Delay apart is the overall approach taken by Mike. He explains separately each of the individual skills you can improve, and as you master each one he then shows how to combine them with other parts of the program. This is great, because it actually becomes easier to master each skill once you start using it in combination with the others.

The emergency techniques

While mike stresses that you won't have to use any of these techniques and tricks once you finish the program we really like the way guys get a rundown on these first. Mike says that the main reason for this is to boost confidence and aid you in becoming more relaxed by having these methods as an insurance policy should you feel yourself losing control.

Easy to follow

Despite some of the techniques and methods (especially those taught in the later chapters) being really powerful stuff, mike has done a great job of working you through each one, starting with some easy stuff and then as you improve, moving on to the really good stuff.

What don't we like about it?

It really is hard to fault this program. It's by far the best on the market, it's cheap and it's easy to use. The only problem we have is that we wish this program was released earlier.

Where do you get it?

The fact that won't be available at book shops until mid next year isn't an issue because you can grab a downloadable or hardcopy right now at There's also a lot of information from Mike himself, explaining exactly how the program gets such great results.

How much is it?

Compared to pretty much any other method of treating premature ejaculation the price is redicualsly cheap at just $49. I personally think mike should be charging more for this book and I wouldn't be surprised to see the price go up soon.