How To Last Longer in Bed

This site is a free resource to help men learn how to last longer in bed. You will find a large amount of accurate and independant advice all geared towards helping you prevent premature ejaculation.

The good news for men who have trouble lasting in bed is that this problem is highly curable, provinding that you are willing to educate yourself and put in the time and effort needed. It is believed that 80 - 90% of men are able to learn beter control through a virety of treatments.

The main barrier for men with this problem is that many of them are too embarised to confront the problem. That's why this site was set up. To show men that once they choose to do something about this issue, there are a great number of things they can do to last longer in bed.

Note: For a very good oversight of how to last longer in bed using a training course check out this great article on the Ejaculation Freedom site. It's a free list of all the methods you can learn to last longer in bed. This is highly recommended as a first step for any men with premature ejaculation who are looking for a natural way to last longer in bed.

Methods and exercises to last longer in bed

Why not start by taking a look at some of the exercises and techniques that can help you last longer in bed. These include Excersises, Training Programs, prescribed medication and natural medicines. Take a look around to find out which ones are best for you.

Natural Medicines and Suppliments

Some men find that natural medicines and supplements help them to last longer in bed. Although they can be expensive if taken over a long term they have the added benefit helping men last longer in bed while having no side effects.

Premature Ejaculation Exercises Program

By far the best way for most guys to last longer in bed is to complete a training program with a range of exercises and techniques aimed at preventing premature ejaculation for good. We recommend Mike Anderson's Beyond Delay training program which has been achieving some great results.

Further Premature Ejaculation Resources

Although most information online regarding premature ejaculation is of very poor quality there are a few good rescores for further tips on preventing premature ejaculation such as by Rod Phillips which covers many ways on improving your lasting time.

Mitch at ejaculation coach also has an epic write-up of all the naturaly ways men can last longer in bed without sprays, pills or drugs.